Economic Empowerment of Women

Recognizing the untapped potential of women in Africa, we are deeply committed to their economic empowerment.

Through targeted initiatives such as microfinance programs, vocational training, and leadership development, we provide women with the tools necessary to gain financial independence. We also advocate for gender equality, fostering an environment where women have equal access to opportunities and resources.

Programme Strategy for the Economic Empowerment of Women

To economically empower women, we implement several initiatives designed to promote financial independence, self-sufficiency, and career advancement. Our comprehensive strategy includes:


Through partnerships with reliable micro-finance companies, we facilitate access to capital for female entrepreneurs, enabling them to establish or expand their businesses. Our approach includes:

  • A secure platform for handling loan applications and repayments.
  • Training in financial literacy and business management to ensure loan recipients can effectively use and repay their loans.
  • Regular monitoring and support to help entrepreneurs overcome challenges.

Health Fund for Vulnerable Women

Recognizing the link between health and economic empowerment, we provide financial assistance for essential healthcare services to women and children from low-income backgrounds. This initiative includes:

  • Collaboration with hospitals for application and disbursement of funds.
  • Coverage of costs associated with medical treatments, antenatal care, delivery, and essential supplies.
  • Advocacy and partnerships to improve access to quality healthcare services in underserved communities.

Vocational Training

We provide skills training in various fields to enhance employability and income-generating opportunities for women. Our vocational training initiatives focus on:

  • Partnering with vocational training centers and industry experts.
  • Offering training in fields with high demand for workers.
  • Providing supportive services like career counseling and job placement assistance.

Technology and Digital Literacy

We bridge the gender gap in the digital world by offering training in digital skills and technology. This involves:

  • Developing and delivering training programs that enhance digital literacy.
  • Promoting access to digital resources and online learning platforms.
  • Encouraging women to pursue careers in technology.

Safe Spaces and Rehabilitation Programmes

We create safe spaces and provide rehabilitation services for women facing violence or abuse. We collaborate with organizations like the Mirabel Centre to:


  • Establish safe spaces where women can access support services.
  • Develop rehabilitation programs and workshops focused on recovery and empowerment.
  • Advocate for stronger protections and support for victims of violence or abuse

Each of these initiatives is designed to work together, providing a comprehensive approach to women’s economic empowerment. By addressing multiple aspects of women’s economic lives, we ensure that our support is as impactful and sustainable as possible. We continually monitor and adapt our programs to better meet the needs of the women we serve.

Sola Adeyinka- Chairman, SIA Foundation