Start Up Foundry

SIA Startup Foundry is an  incubator program that provides startups with a conducive environment to develop their ideas, refine their business models, and bring their visions to life.


The entrepreneurial spirit of Nigerians is undeniable. With a booming economy and an influx of innovative startups, there’s a palpable energy and drive towards progress and growth. Yet, these bright ideas and ventures often face roadblocks – from financial constraints to skill deficits and infrastructural challenges. 

We are pleased to announce our collaboration with the Metropolitan School of Business UK in the launch of our pilot Startup Foundry . Together, we aim to sculpt the future leaders of industry through our top-tier bootcamp training. But that’s not all – in our commitment to turning dreams into reality, we are also setting up a seed fund. Five outstanding startups will have the  opportunity to secure a portion of a $10,000 seed fund, providing them with the much-needed boost to kickstart or scale their operations.

 If you believe your idea has the potential to revolutionize the market, now is your chance! Dive in, and let us be the wind beneath your wings.

 Terms and conditions apply.

In the 2023 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor report, Nigeria leads Africa with an impressive 41.5% entrepreneurial activity rate. Startups surged by 35% in two years, and Lagos alone saw a 45% spike in startup registrations in 2022. The tech ecosystem shines especially bright with 400+ active startups and over $1 billion funding last year. Yet, many startups grapple with management skills,  financial access, mentorship, infrastructure, and regulatory hurdles. 

SIA Foundation’s Startup Foundry is  poised to transform 40 businesses in 6 months. We’re offering financing, mentorship, co-working spaces, skill training, and networking opportunities to drive startups challenges and amplify Nigeria’s entrepreneurial vibrancy. 

Eligibility criteria

1. Scalability and growth potential. 

Business should show high growth potential as evidenced by the submission of the following documents:

a. Snapshot of customer feedback/ testimonials and reviews (proof or links can be shared). 

b. Submission of a Business Plan which includes detailed financial projections

c. A 3-month statement for the business account /founders account showing transactions related to the business

2. Market Potential

Validation will be derived from the business plan summary – market size, industry trends, target market and competitive analysis. 

3. Founder’s Track Record

To be evaluated through Resumes, Reference Letters and if available, media reports, awards or other recognition, which will be submitted as part of support documents.

4. Uniqueness of the business idea 

5. Business Tenure

The business must be operational for 1-2 years 

6. Founder’s Age

Founder’s age must be between 20- 35 years 

Focus areas –Technology-enabled business in; healthcare, education , agriculture, light manufacturing,  renewable energy, and recycling.

Application Process

  1. Online Application

Support documents required;

  • Regulatory ID Card
  • Business Plan
  • Bank Statement for the last 3 months.
  • Resume

Optional but gives the candidate an advantage 

  • Reference Letter 
  • Media reports, recognition or awards 
  • Customer feedback or testimonials 
  1. Video Interviews:
  2. Pitch Video submission

Programme Modalities

  • 3 weeks online training
  • 1 week in-person training in Lagos 
  • Mandatory attendance at Demo day in Lagos 
Programme to commence Q1 2024